The artist
Year: 2008 / Genre: Fiction / Length: 92 minutes / Production: Aleph Media and León Ferrari / Co-production: Costa Films, Barter, DTV and Televisión Abierta / With the support of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina (INCAA), the Luce Institute of Italy, Ibermedia, the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute of Uruguay, the National Television of Uruguay and the National University of Tres de Febrero / Direction: Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn / Scriptwriter: Andrés Duprat / Original music: Diego Bliffeld / Cast: Sergio Pángaro and Alberto Laiseca Jorge is an apathetic and lonely nurse who works in a nursing home caring for Romano, an old man who does not speak and only opens his mouth to ask for cigarettes. Every so often, Romano enters a sort trance and draws. Jorge appropriates these drawings, starts considering himself an artist, and soon achieves a privileged place in the contemporary art world. His simple and monotonous life becomes a constant trip to galleries, universities, television shows, and meetings with artists and intellectuals. Meanwhile, he continues to care for Romano. However, one day Romano stops drawing.
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